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wxNUTS.ini configuration file

User preferences are saved in a text file called wxNUTS.ini, an example of which is shown below. The meaning of most settings is obvious on looking at the file. The file can be edited directly, but settings can also be saved, optionally, when the program closes.

Related commands are:

SaveConfig [yes/no] – choose whether the user should be prompted to save changes to preferences on exiting the program.

saveINI – save current settings to wxNUTS.ini configuration file

readini – resets user preferences by reading the wxNUTS.ini configuration file

#wxNUTS Configuration File

#Save Current Configuration on Exit: Yes, No or Ask
SaveConfigurationOnExit: Yes
#Save a Changed Dataset on Exit: Ask or No
SaveChangedDatasetOnExit: Ask

File_A_Dir: c:nutsdata
File_B_Dir: C:Filesdata
ImportDir: C:Filesdata
MacroDir: C:FilesPGCodewxnutsmacro

#Legal entries are: On and Off
ScreenInColor: On

#Legal entries are: On and Off
DialogOnEachPrint: Off
PrintWithBox: On
PrintWithTitle: On
PrintInColor: Off

Last updated: 9/10/07