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wxNUTS for Windows

wxNUTS for Windows

Note that this is only a preliminary version. The original NUTS program is the preferred software for Windows users.

NUTS (NMR Utility Transform Software) is being ported to the wxWidgets open source class library. This allows the same source code to compile natively on different platforms: Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux and several other platforms such as Solaris.

Due to several requests for a Mac OSX version of NUTS, we are currently targeting Windows and Mac OSX. While a Linux port is possible, based on customer requests and the difficulty of selling and supporting software to the Linux community, a Linux version is not currently being pursued.

Currently, most features contained in NUTS have been ported. wxNUTS includes a few features not available in the original NUTS (for example, the ability to overlay up to 4 contour plots) and improvements on other features that will not be added to the original NUTS program (for example, spin simulation).

The current version number is designated 1.0. Depending on the product level (Demo, Lite, 1D, and Full), the program is currently capable of data processing for up to four dimensions. It imports the current Varian, Nicolet/GE QE, Bruker (Xwin-NMR, TopSpin, and Aspect 3000) and JEOL Delta data formats. More import filters will be added based on customer requests.

In addition to basic processing, some of the features included so far are display of multiple spectra, line-fitting, spectrum simulation, linear prediction, "binning", data table, processing and display of 2D data.

Customers currently under support for NUTS can request and receive a license for the new wxNUTS port. New customers, and current customers not under support, can purchase the current wxNUTS.

Level List Price
Lite $100
1D $250
Full $500

Contact Acorn NMR to obtain a license – info@acornnmr.com or 925-456-1020. (Note that email may be intercepted by our spam filter. The returned mail contains instructions for avoiding the problem.)

Customers can choose to purchase support for 15% of the current price (not purchase price) per year. New purchases include 90 days of support. Customers under support will receive technical support via email, and free upgrades.

Download wxNUTS demo for Windows. This is a zip file. Unzip to a folder on your hard disk. (Updated 9/8/12, 3 Mbytes). This new version includes big improvements to the spin simulation routine – see details – and the ability to overlay 2D contour plots.

Read the Help file for list of commands and data processing instructions. Help files can also be found here.

Last updated: 09/08/2012