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Inset Plots

Inset Plots

IS — Inset Plots subroutine

This allows the user to define multiple inset plots to be displayed with the spectrum. IS or Insert enters the subroutine.

First, expand the spectrum, using Zoom, to display the region from which the inset will be created.

Increase the vertical scale.

Enter the IS routine, and type A to add the displayed region as an inset. This command is also available from the Edit menu.

The inset can be dragged around on the screen using the left mouse button. The box defining the size of the inset can be resized using the "handles" at the corners.

Additional insets can be generated by repeating this process. A specific inset can be selected with the mouse, or by using the left and right arrow keys to move from one inset to the next.

Display of insets after exiting the IS routine is turned on and off with the commands S and N, also available from the View menu.


A – Add the current displayed region as an inset
C – Clear all insets
D – Delete the current inset
N – Turn off display of insets while outside the IS routine
S – Show insets while outside the IS routine

Last updated: 2/15/08