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NMR Spectroscopy Services

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Acorn NMR's Varian Inova 500 Spectrometer

Acorn NMR’s Varian Inova 500 Spectrometer

Acorn NMR operates an NMR spectroscopy service using 2 spectrometers: a Varian Inova 500 and a JEOL ECZ 400. Spectroscopy services provided cover the complete range of possibilities from a basic spectrum with integration and peak listing to complete structure analysis and interpretation.

The most common service provided is basic one dimensional spectra of common nuclei (1H, 31P, 19F and 13C). However, all 1D and 2D experiments can be performed, and most NMR- active nuclei can be observed. A variable temperature controller allows experiments to be run at both high and low temperatures. The spectrometers are multi-nuclear, equipped with indirect detection capability and a Z-gradient which provides excellent solvent suppression and faster, higher quality 2D spectra using gradient selected experiments.

We recognize the time-sensitive nature of NMR analysis. In most cases, 1H spectra are run and data returned to the customer the day the samples are received. Other nuclei and more extensive analysis may require 1-2 days, but we will make every effort to accommodate urgent requests with advance notice.

Spectra are emailed as a .pdf document (which can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader). This can be printed locally, and is of higher quality than faxing.

Alternatively, the NMR data itself can be emailed, for those who want the ability to examine, plot and archive data, prepare reports, etc. NMR processing software is required to view the NMR data files. The customer can choose to receive processed or unprocessed data, depending on how much processing (s)he prefers to do. See description of the NUTS software. A demo version of NUTS is available for download that will allow viewing and basic processing of data files.

Samples can be returned if requested (shipping charge applies).

A sample submission form is available (including a special form for GMP samples), which can be printed, filled out and included when shipping samples. All sample submissions should be accompanied by this form.

Service is charged by the hour, not per sample. The standard rate is $135/hr, with a reduced rate for long, unattended data acquisition. GMP work is charged at $150/hr. For GMP analyses, QA review of the data is required, and additional fees apply.

The hourly rate covers everything – no additional charges for tubes, solvents (except unusual solvents), emailing spectra or returning or disposing of samples (other than return shipping fees and packaging). There is no minimum charge, and no extra charge for same-day service.

For typical samples, the analysis includes:

  • Preparation of the sample using our tubes and solvents
  • Data acquisition, processing and plotting of the spectrum with integrals, peak lists and expanded plots as needed
  • Spectral interpretation, if requested
  • Creation of a .pdf document containing spectral plots, sent via email
  • Return or disposal of the sample, per customer request

Customers are encouraged to take full advantage of our expertise and the capabilities we offer. A brief description of 2D experiments commonly performed is illustrated using codeine as a test sample.

Our spectroscopists have extensive experience in application of NMR to chemical problems and can provide customized analysis ranging from acquiring reference spectra to detailed molecular structure determination. Special projects, such as method development for industrial process applications, can be arranged. We strive to provide analysis tailored to the needs of each customer and sample. This works best if the customer explains what type of information (s)he is looking for – for example, if quantitation of low level impurities is needed, the sample is run longer than for a crude reaction intermediate. The more we know, the better job we can do in customizing the experiment. A nondisclosure agreement can be executed if the customer desires, to facilitate discussion of chemical structures and problems.

A set of procedures is in place intended to comply with GMP regulations. Because we have found that interpretation and implementation of these Guidelines vary, it is the responsibility of each customer to determine whether our procedures meet their needs. Copies of SOPs and our QA Program overview can be provided on request. Facility audits are commonly performed by new customers, and we consider an initial audit to be part of the process of setting up a new account. In our experience, 2 hours is adequate to review our facility and procedures. In the event the audit runs longer, it is our policy to charge customers for the additional time.

Expensive solvents for which an additional charge is added include CD2Cl2, d7-DMF, d8-THF, d6-EtOH and other less common solvents.