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Shipping disasters


When Shipping Goes Bad…..

The pics below show what’s left of some 4 mL glass vials that were shipped in document envelopes.  Not only does this result in loss of your sample, but it is a chemical exposure hazard.  Those envelopes have gaps in the corners, and this kind of breakage can result in leakage of powdered sample while in the hands of the delivery people.  In the aftermath of the anthrax scares of a few years ago, this would result in a very expensive – and totally unnecessary – panic on the part of the shippers.

In a word, don’t!

crushedvials  crushedvial1  crushedvial2


One set of samples was packaged with plenty of cushioning material, placed in a 10″ tall metal can, and then into a cardboard box. We thought this was overkill, but it seems we underestimated the shipping people. This package traveled a mere 30 miles via Fed Ex Ground. You can’t be too careful!