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Ordering NUTS software


How to Order NUTS

Prices Explanation of Versions

Orders are accepted by phone, FAX, email or “snail-mail”.

NUTS can be purchased using a Purchase Order Number or credit card.

See Price List for prices of different versions. See command list for detailed list of features included in each version.

These items are REQUIRED to process an order:

Name of the person to whom the software is licensed
Name of the organization to which the software is licensed
The version of NUTS desired — Lite, 1D, 2D or Professional
Email address
Bill to address (if using PO number)

This software runs on all Windows platforms. There is also a new version for Mac OSX.

Software is shipped electronically. Customers who cannot download the installation files from the web site must specify receipt of the software on CD, and will be charged a handling fee.

Distributors outside North America

L. A. Systems Inc. [JAPAN]

Grace Building 5F
1-6-2 Eki-Higashi-Dori
Oyama-Shi, Tochigi-Ken 323 JAPAN
Phone 81 285-24-9731
FAX 81 285-24-9751
E-mail: support@las.co.jp
L.A. Systems homepage

T & J Tech Inc. [KOREA]

4th floor, Kumho Bldg. 123-25 Karak-dong
Songpa-ku, Seoul, KOREA
Phone (02) 403-2212
FAX (02) 403-2213
E-mail: tandj@bora.dacom.co.kr


Last updated: 08/25/08