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NUTS Prices and Support

How to order Explanation of Versions

NUTS is a complete NMR data processing package which runs on PCs under Windows (95, 98, NT, 2K, ME and XP) and on PowerMacs.
NUTS was developed in conjunction with our NMR spectroscopy service business and includes a complete array of NMR processing tools. In addition to the standard features, NUTS includes such “extras” as spectrum simulation based on shifts and couplings, multiple line deconvolution and relaxation analysis.

NUTS is available in 4 versions which include increasing numbers of features:

Lite, 1D, 2D and Professional

Each version includes all features of the lower level versions, plus added features. Users desiring the ability to process both 1D and 2D data do not need to purchase 2 separate programs. See detailed list of which commands are included in each version.

Note that the price is a one-time cost. You own the software, it will continue to work forever. An optional annual support subscription includes ability to download updated versions.

Lite$100Basic 1D processingNo technical support or upgrades.
1D$499Full 1D processingTechnical support, annual support with upgrades and site licenses available.
2D$7501D plus basic 2D processingTechnical support, annual support with upgrades and site licenses available.
Professional$1,000Includes all features plus advanced 2D processing features including Arrayed Mode for faster processing.Recommended for users with higher end computers.
Technical support, annual support with upgrades and site licenses available.



Prices are the same for all customers.
Software is delivered electronically, so there is no cost or time delay for shipping.
Acorn NMR accepts Purchase Orders and Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


Discounts for multiple copies are available for all versions except NUTS Lite.

5% discount for 2nd and 3rd copies
10% discount for 4th, 5th and 6th copies
25% discount for all subsequent copies

Site and Corporate Licenses

Site* licenseCorporate or University
NUTS Lite$2,500$6,250

*A “site” is a single department


Purchase of 1D, 2D and Professional versions includes 90 days support, during which time, the user may download updated copies of the software.

After 90 days, a 1-year support contract is 15% of current list price for the combined NUTS package owned. This entitles the user to download updated copies of the program at any time.

Users who choose not to purchase support can use their original copy of Nuts forever.

Obtaining an updated copy of Nuts, for users who are under support, simply consists of downloading a new copy from the web or ftp site, which is converted into a fully functional, personally licensed copy when combined with a license “key” file. A new copy may be downloaded at any time, and becomes a full copy, provided the support period has not expired.

The same discount rate as applied to the original purchase applies to support contracts in cases of multiple copies and site licenses.

Support is available for Site and Corporate licenses for NUTS-Lite, but not for single-user licenses.

Last updated: 06/21/06