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Molecular Weight Calculator

Molecular Weight Calculator

Molecular Weight Calculator

This is a useful little utility that calculates molecular weight of a formula entered via the keyboard.


Mac OSX:

The empirical formula entered is case-sensitive. In other words, you need to type "C2H5O" or "NaCl". After entering the complete formula, hit ENTER, and the result is displayed.

Note that you must CLEAR the previous data before entering a new formula. This can be done from the Edit menu or by typing clear on the command line, followed by ENTER.


Download MolWt.exe. No installation is needed, just execute. Size: 1.2 MBytes. Updated 12/5/07.


Download the disk image, double click to open it, then copy MolWt.app to your disk. Double click the MolWt.app icon to execute the program. Size: 5.7 MBytes.

And, just for a little fun, here is the link to an animated version of Tom Lehrer’s "The Elements" song. http://www.privatehand.com/flash/elements.html