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Commands in different NUTS versions

Explanation of NUTS versions

The table below lists every command in NUTS and indicates which commands are enabled in each version of NUTS (Lite, 1D, 2D and Pro). See Command List for links to detailed descriptions of each command.

Most commands are 2-letter commands (left column). The new, longer commands are listed in the Full Command column.

An entry in a column corresponding to a particular NUTS version indicates that the command is enabled in that version. If the column is blank for a particular command, that command is not active in that version. For example, the AS command is not allowed in the Lite version, but is allowed in all other versions.

For most commands, Windows and Macintosh versions are the same, but a few commands are not implemented on the Mac. The Macintosh column is included to indicate those commands that are implemented on the Mac.

2 LetterLongMacin-
Command CommandDemoLite1D2DPro tosh
^^DL12ProMMake next character a control character
^Z^ZL12ProMTen Level UnDo Command
2121DL12ProMConvert data to a line with value 1
2A2ADL12ProMEnter Points to average for FB routine
2F2FDL12ProMTurn OFF 2 letter command mode
2L2LDL12ProMConvert data to a line with value 4096
2N2NDL12ProMTurn ON 2 letter command mode
2S2SDL12ProMDo a two point smooth on data
3S3SDL12ProMDo a three point smooth on data
A0A0DL12ProMStart Link 0
A1A1DL12ProMStart Link 1
A2A2DL12ProMStart Link 2
A3A3DL12ProMStart Link 3
A4A4DL12ProMStart Link 4
A5A5DL12ProMStart Link 5
A6A6DL12ProMStart Link 6
A7A7DL12ProMStart Link 7
A8A8DL12ProMStart Link 8
A9A9DL12ProMStart Link 9
ACACDL12ProMChange spectrum amplitude
AcqOrderDL12ProMInspect / Change multi-D acquisition order [arguments]
ADADDL12ProMAdd DC to spectrum
AFAFDL12ProMTurn integral display off
AIAIDL12ProMDo automatic integration
ALALDL12ProMLoad add/subtract buffer
AMAMDL12ProMSet add/subtract multiplier
ANANDL12ProMTurn integral display on
AOAODL12ProMTurn all subroutines off
APAPDL12ProMDo full automatic phasing
ARArrayProMToggle array mode processing on/off
ASAS12ProMEnter add/subtract subroutine
B+B+12ProMAdd buffer 1 and buffer 2 and put in current data
B-B-12ProMSubtract buffer 1 and buffer 2 and put in current data
B1B112ProMSave current data to buffer 1
B2B212ProMSave current data to buffer 2
BABADL12ProMBaseline adjust using all pts (alternative to BC)
BCBCDL12ProMDo BC on current data
BDBDDL12ProMTransfer convolution buffer to current data
BFBFDL12ProMRemove offset and tilt from region
BSBSDL12ProMByte swap current data
BTBTDL12ProMDo a Bruker FT
BUBU12ProMEnter Buffers sub-routine
BVBVDL12ProMDo byte swap of VAX type on current data
BWBWDL12ProMChange colors to black and white
BZBZDL12ProMDo BZ command
C1C1ProMCombine Reals + Reals and Imags + Imags
C2C2ProMCombine Reals + Reals and Imags – Imags
C3C3ProMCombine Reals – Reals and Imags + Imags
C4C4ProMCombine Reals – Reals and Imags – Imags
CACA12ProMApply convolution filter
CBCBDL12ProMToggle clipboard display on/off
CCCCDL12ProMClose file C for writing
CDCDDL12ProMSet display and printing to color
CFCF12ProMDo convolution calculation
CHCHDL12ProMDo CHCl3 lineshape display
CLCLDL12ProMDisplay 0.55% and 0.11% levels
COCODL12ProMEdit comment
CosineDL12ProMZero to one over #points [ points]
CPCP2ProMDo contour display of 2D data
CRCR2ProMSet Contour plot level colors
CSCSDL12ProMTurn off fixed Y scale display
CTCTDL12ProMDo a complex FT
CVCV12ProMDisplay convolution buffer
CXCXDL12ProMConvert data between various formats
D1D1DL12ProMEdit Time Array Values
D2D2DL12ProMDecimate data by 2
DADADL12ProMEdit date
DBDBDL12ProMTransfer current data to convolution buffer
DCDCDL12ProMEnter DC adjustment subroutine
DDDD12ProMEnter dual display subroutine
DEDEDL12ProMDelete a file
DFDFDL12ProMFT digital filtered data and estimate and apply B phase correction
DHDH12ProMDo a high pass filter
Divide12ProMDivide data by argument
DimsProMInspect / Change multi-D data points
DLDL12ProMDo a low pass filter
DMDM12ProMake a spectral archive
DPDP12ProMEnter define peak subroutine
DRDR12ProMDisplay relaxation data
DSDS12ProSearch spectral archive
E1E1L12ProMFull ASC export
E2E2L12ProMASC header export
E3E3L12ProMASC export of Reals
E4E4L12ProMASC export of data
E5E5L12ProMASC Export in Frequency Intensity pairs
E6E6L12ProMJCAMP-DX5 data export of Real/Imag pairs
EFEFDL12ProMEmail current file
EJEJL12ProMJCAMP-DX5 export of reals
EMExpMultDL12ProMDo exponential multiplication by LB
EXEXDL12ProMEdit pulse experiment
ExpertModeDL12ProMReduces questions – ExpertMode < On / Off >
F1F1DL12ProMEdit spectrometer frequency in 1st dimension
F2F2DL12ProMEdit spectrometer frequency in 2nd dimension
F3F3DL12ProMEdit spectrometer frequency in 3rd dimension
FAFADL12ProMEdit Axis font
FBFixBaseline12ProMEnter flatten baseline subroutine
FCFCDL12ProMEdit Clipboard display font
FFFindNext12ProFind / Get Next File in current directory
FHFHDL12ProMEdit Peak label font
FIFIDL12ProMEdit Integral font
FLFLDL12ProMEdit Command Line font
FMFMDL12ProMEdit parameter display font
FNFNDL12ProMEnter a new file
FPFPDL12ProPlay the fid as audio
FRFRDL12ProMRemove offset and tilt from Zoom Region
FSFSDL12ProMFix the Y scale
FTFTDL12ProMDo forward Fourier Transform
FVFVDL12ProMEdit vertical peak label font
GAGetFileDL12ProMGet file A
GBGetFileBDL12ProMGet file B
GCGCDL12ProMGet file C
GFGFDL12ProMEdit Gaussian factor
GMGaussMultDL12ProMDo gaussian multiplication
GRGR12ProMGet relaxation data
GSGSDL12ProMVirtual Spectrometer – Get Sample
HeaderDL12ProMInspect / Change file header type
HSHSDL12ProSet help file type
HTHT12ProMDo Hilbert transform
HyperComplexProMInspect / Change HyperComplex Type
IAIADL12ProMIncrement file A
IDIDDL12ProMEnter integral subroutine
IEIncrementExtDL12ProMIncrement file extension [A or B] [amount]
IFIFDL12ProMEnter file info
IGIGDL12ProMApply moving Gaussian
IIIIDL12ProMInvert imaginaries
ILILDL12ProMIntegral to clipboard
IMImportDL12ProMImport a data set from import directory – Import <FileName>
ININDL12ProMIncrement counter for file A and loops
IPIP2ProMDo 2D intensity display
ISIS12ProMEnter insert subroutine
ITITDL12ProMDo inverse complex Fourier Transform
IVIVDL12ProMInvalidate date and force redisplay
J0J0DL12ProMImport mole information for molecule (WIP)
J1J1DL12ProMToggle molecule display on/off (WIP)
J2J2DL12ProMEdit atom list of molecule (WIP)
J3J3DL12ProMAdd an atom to molecule (WIP)
J4J4DL12ProMEdit bond list of molecule (WIP)
J5J5DL12ProMAdd a bond to molecule (WIP)
J6J6DL12ProMEdit molecule font (WIP)
JJJJ12ProEnter Carbon Chemical Shift search sub-routine
JTJTDL12ProMDo shifted Traficante resolution enhancement
L0L0DL12ProMEdit link 0
L1L1DL12ProMEdit link 1
L2L2DL12ProMEdit link 2
L3L3DL12ProMEdit link 3
L4L4DL12ProMEdit link 4
L5L5DL12ProMEdit link 5
L6L6DL12ProMEdit link 6
L7L7DL12ProMEdit link 7
L8L8DL12ProMEdit link 8
L9L9DL12ProMEdit link 9
LBLineBroadeningDL12ProMEnter line broadening for EM [argument]
LFLF12ProMEnter line fit subroutine
LGLGDL12ProMDo Lorentz Gaussian multiplication
LILIDL12ProMEdit links
LNLN12ProMDo linear predication
LOLODL12ProMStart look subroutine
LPLPDL12ProMTransfer parameters to clipboard
LSLSDL12ProMDo left shift of data
LVLV2ProMSet coutour levels
LZLZDL12ProMDisplay last zoom region
M2M2DL12ProMCalculate power spectrum
MAMADL12ProMEnter math sub-routine
MCMCDL12ProMCalculate magnitude spectrum
MFMFDL12ProMMake tallest peak in displayed region full Y scale
MHMinHtDL12ProMEdit the minimum height value for peak picking
MLMLDL12ProMStart molecule display
MOMODL12ProMEnter meta objects subroutine
MSMSDL12ProMDo sine multiplication
MTMTDL12ProMEnter Magnetization Transfer sub-routine (WIP)
Multiply12ProMMultiply data points by argument
NANADL12ProMEdit the number of acquisitions
NBNBDL12ProMToggle debug comments on/off
NameL12ProMCarbon Chemical Shift search by name fragment
NONO12ProMEnter notes subroutine
NSNS12ProMEnter NMR spin spin simulation
O1O1DL12ProMEdit 1st dimension spectral offset value
O2O2DL12ProMEdit 2nd dimension spectral offset value
O3O3DL12ProMEdit 2nd dimension spectral offset value
OCOCL12ProMOpen file C for writing
PAPhaseADL12ProMEdit zero order phase value for PC
PatternL12ProMCarbon Chemical Shift search by pattern
PBPhaseBDL12ProMEdit first order phase value for PC
PCPhaseCorrectDL12ProMDo phase correction by PA and PB [ or argument] amount
PDPDDL12ProMEdit pulse delay value
PEPhaseExpandedDL12ProMEnter expanded phasing routine
PFPFDL12ProMTurn off peak label display
PIPhaseIncrementDL12ProMDo incremental phasing [-cosy] [A] [B] [C]
PHPhaseMouseDL12ProMEnter mouse phasing routine
PJPJDL12ProMDo a 2D projection
PLPLDL12ProMPlot current spectrum
PlaneProMSet MultiD plane [argument]
PNPNDL12ProMTurn peak labels on
PPPPDL12ProMPick peaks above MH value
PRPRDL12ProMSet tallest peak in displayed region to specified chemical shift (Macros)
PSPSDL12ProMPhase same as last phase
PWPWDL12ProMEdit pulse width value
QAQADL12ProMDo quick automatic A phasing
QBBaselineDL12ProMDo quick automatic baseline flattening
QDQDDL12ProMEnter quick display mode
QPQPDL12ProMDo quick automatic A and B phasing
QTQTDL12ProMPE type automatic phasing (WIP)
R0R0DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 0
R1R1DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 1
R2R2DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 2
R3R3DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 3
R4R4DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 4
R5R5DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 5
R6R6DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 6
R7R7DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 7
R8R8DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 8
R9R9DL12ProMRegister data using tallest peak in Zoom Region 9
RangeL12ProMCarbon Chemical Shift search by range
RDRDDL12ProMCyclic data rotation
RERE12ProMStart resonance eliminator subroutine
ReferenceL12ProMCarbon Chemical Shift search by reference number
RIRIDL12ProMSwap reals and imaginaries
RLRLDL12ProMRead a text file to generate LICENSE.NMR
RMRMDL12ProMEdit RMS noise level value for peak picking routine
RORODL12ProMTake square root of data
RRRR12ProMRead relaxation data
RSRSDL12ProMRight shift of data
RTRTDL12ProMDo real forward Fourier Transform
RURunMacroDL12ProMRun a macro
S#S#DL12ProMEdit sine shift value
S@S@DL12ProMEdit data shrink values
S0S0DL12ProMReturn scaling scroll to zero position
S2S2L12ProMSave full 2D file with possible slice replacement
SASaveFileL12ProMSave file A
SBSaveFileBL12ProMSave file B
SCSCL12ProMSave file C
SDSDDL12ProMEnter slow display mode
SFSFDL12ProMEdit the spectrometer frequency in 1st dimension
SGSGDL12ProMDo shifted gaussian
SHSHDL12ProMShrink data set by S@ value
SLSliceDL12ProMSelect a slice by value / [argument] / -z = zero
SleepDL12ProMSleep argument milliseconds
SMSMDL12ProMShimming simulation sub-routine
SNSNDL12ProMCalculate signal to noise
SPSP12ProMEnter stacked plot display
SRSRDL12ProMSpectrum reverse
SSSSDL12ProMSet 2D scalng factor
STSTL12ProMSave tags
SUSumDL12ProMSum all / [arguments] arrayed spectra
SubstituteDL12ProMSubstitute [plane] target_slice source_slice
SWSWDL12ProMEdit the sweep width in 1st dimension
SYSY2ProMSymmetrize square 2D data set
SZSZDL12ProMSet largest peak in displayed region to zero PPM
T-T-DL12ProMRemove file tailer
T+T+DL12ProMAdd tailer from file
T1T1DL12ProMEdit first point value for TM
T2T2DL12ProMEdit second point value for TM
TATADL12ProMRead all the tailer
TCTCDL12ProMEdit the calculation type (Macintosh 68K)
TDTranspose2ProMTranspose 2D data set
TFTFDL12ProMTraficante resolution enhancement
TITIDL12ProMTag imaginaries
TMTMDL12ProMDo trapezoidal multiplication
TPTPDL12ProMShow total phasing done
TRTRDL12ProMTag reals
TSTSDL12ProMSave tailer to file
UDUDDL12ProMUpdate display
UFUFDL12ProMSet undo mode to off
UHUHDL12ProMUpdate header
UNUNDL12ProMSet undo mode to on
USUSDL12ProMEdit user name
VPVPDL12ProMVirtual Spectrometer – edit Virtual spectrometer Parameters
VSVS12ProMView last database search results
VWVWDL12ProMView arrayed data set slice by slice
W1W1DL12ProMEdit sweep width in 1st dimension
W2W2DL12ProMEdit sweep width in 2nd dimension
W3W3DL12ProMEdit sweep width in 3rd dimension
WCWCDL12ProMChoose colors (WIP)
WSWSDL12ProMEnter window size
WPWPDL12ProMDisplays current path information
WVWV12ProMEnter Windowing View sub-routine
X0X0DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 0
X1X1DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 1
X2X2DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 2
X3X3DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 3
X4X4DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 4
X5X5DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 5
X6X6DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 6
X7X7DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 7
X8X8DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 8
X9X9DL12ProMExtract data from zoom region 9
XCXCDL12ProMFree 2D edge spectra
XLXLDL12ProMExtract line
XTXTDL12ProMExtract data file
XXXXDL12ProMClose the NUTS program
Y0Y0DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 0
Y1Y1DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 1
Y2Y2DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 2
Y3Y3DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 3
Y4Y4DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 4
Y5Y5DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 5
Y6Y6DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 6
Y7Y7DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 7
Y8Y8DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 8
Y9Y9DL12ProMSum all arrayed spectra based on tallest peak in zoom region 9
Z0Z0DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 0
Z1Z1DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 1
Z2Z2DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 2
Z3Z3DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 3
Z4Z4DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 4
Z5Z5DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 5
Z6Z6DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 6
Z7Z7DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 7
Z8Z8DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 8
Z9Z9DL12ProMSet current zoom region to be zoom region 9
ZEZEDL12ProMZero all data points
ZFZFDL12ProMZero fill the data to the next power of 2 data points
ZGZGDL12ProMVirtual Spectrometer – Zero Go
ZIZIDL12ProMZero imaginaries
ZLZLDL12ProMClear DP peak list
ZNZNDL12ProMZero all negative peaks
ZOZODL12ProMStart zoom routine
ZPZPDL12ProMZero all phasing
ZRZRDL12ProMZero all reals
ZZZZDL12ProMDo specified ZZ type automatic import

Last updated: 05/16/2006