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Varian DEPT

Varian DEPT


Processing Varian DEPT Data

Varian’s automated DEPT pulse program generates an arrayed experiment with 4 slices, acquired with phase of the last pulse equal to 45, 90, 90, 135 degrees.  The macro below FTs all slices, then combines them to yield an edited stacked plot.

After FT but before "editing", the slices are (top to bottom):

CH2 inverted, CH and CH3 up (final pulse = 135)

CH only (final pulse = 90)

CH only (final pulse = 90)

all protonated carbons (final pulse = 45)


After "editing", the slices are

CH3 only
CH2 only
CH only
all protonated carbons



First, import the data, FT and phase the first spectrum, to determine the phase correction.

NUTSMacro edited DEPT ; for Varian std DEPT sequence ; where slices 1 thru 4 are acquired with angle of last ; pulse = 45, 90, 90, 135  ; first, import arrayed data, FT 1st slice and phase  ; final result is stacked plot with slices ; displayed, from top to bottom: ; CH3 ; CH2 ; CH ; all protonated  ; macro asks for file name for imported FID array ask filea ga set sl 1 set filec dept.2d  ; first, FT all slices ga bc em ft ps sc in set filea dept.2d ga set sl 1 ga  ; 1st slice contains all peaks positive ; multiply it by 3 and save set am 2 al as set fileb dept.1 sb  ; slice 4 + 1.3*slice 1 removes CH2 ga set sl 1 ga set am 1.3 al set sl 4 ga as  ; slice 2 minus this leaves only CH3 ; but inverted set pa 180 set am -1 al set sl 2 ga as set fileb dept.4 pc sb  ; slice 3 minus 2*slice 4 eliminates CH peaks, ; leaves CH2 up, CH3 down ga set sl 4 ga set am -2 al set sl 3 ga as  ; now add this to inverted CH3 only set am 1 al  set sl 1 set fileb dept.4 gb as set fileb dept.3 sb  ; save 2 x slice 2 for CH only set filea dept.2d ga set sl 2 ga al as set fileb dept.2 sb  ; finally, combine edited slices into 2D file set filea dept.1 set filec e_dept.2d ga ga sc in set filea e_dept.2d ga  ss mf set ac .5 ac set spplotx 0 set spploty 2 sp  end 

See also: Varian 2D processing

Last updated: 4/9/04