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It is possible to undo many NUTS operations. This works only in the base level of NUTS, not in the subroutines.  Before a command is executed, the current data is copied into a temporary 10-layer file cache.  This functions like the stack in a reverse polish calculator.  Each time a command is executed, the data is added to the stack, and previous entries roll up.  The user can then recall each previous version sequentially, causing the stack to roll down, using Ctrl-Z.

The user can choose to enable or disable the Un-Do process.  This can be done while NUTS is running, using UN and UF to turn Un-Do on and off, respectively.  This can also be done in the nuts.ini file, with the following line:


In a link or macro, or when processing 2D data in non-arrayed mode, saving of data to the Un-Do cache is automatically disabled.

UnDo will work for 2D data while in the Arrayed Mode.  However, the time required to write copies of a large 2D file probably makes this inadvisable, and it is suggested that Un-Do be disabled before processing 2D data.

UN — Un-Do On
UF — Un-Do Off
Ctrl-Z — recall previously saved data.  Note that Ctrl-Z while in the Zoom subroutine is a completely unrelated command (zeroes the data in the expanded region).

Last updated 2/22/04