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Technical Support



Technical Support

Acorn NMR’s technical support service is available to NUTS users free during the 90 days warranty period after initial purchase and by an annual subscription thereafter, for 15% of current purchase price.

Technical support is available by phone from Acorn NMR during normal business hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday except holidays). The preferred method of technical support is by email.

Telephone support is available at:

(925) 456-1020
(925) 456-1024 FAX

Email request for support is preferable:

Questions involving problems with data files are often best addressed by sending sample data files to Acorn NMR.   This can usually be done via email, but if your server does not allow this, we can set up a temporary account on our ftp server.

Notice of New Features

The main Help page, www.acornnmr.dev/NutsHelp, lists new features.  A complete history of NUTS changes can be found at www.acornnmr.dev/whatsnew.htm


Users with active technical support service from Acorn NMR (90 warranty period or by subscription thereafter) can download a new copy of Nuts as often as desired. As long as the compile date of the Nuts version falls within the support date of the user’s license, the Nuts version will be fully functional. If the user’s support period has expired, the new version will function as a “demo” copy, although the older version will continue to work forever.

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