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Using PH

Using PH


Step by step mouse phasing with PH command.

This subroutine allows the user to adjust the zero-order and first-order phase correction using the 2 mouse buttons. Users with a single button mouse should hold down the shift key, then press the mouse button when instructions call for use of the right mouse button.

Start with a spectrum that requires phasing. The first step is to set the pivot point, which is the point in the spectrum at which the first-order phase correction is zero. A peak located at the pivot point can be phased with only the zero-order phase.

To set the pivot point:

  1. Press and hold the left mouse button to display a full-window cross-hair cursor
  2. Place the cursor on a chosen peak (on the aromatics in this figure)
  3. While still holding the mouse button down, type P on the keyboard to set the pivot point.

The pivot point can be set at the NUTS Base Level or from within the PH subroutine.


Enter the PH routine by typing PH or from the Process/Phasing menu. Adjust the phase of the peak at the pivot point by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse left and right.


When that peak is correctly phased, phase another part of the spectrum by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse left and right. You can go back and forth as necessary to adjust both regions of the spectrum. Exit the PH routine and apply the correction by typing <ENTER>.

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