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Using PE

Using PE


Using the Phase Expanded (PE) phasing routine

This routine allows adjustment of phase using an expanded display of 2 spectral regions to adjust the 2 phase parameters. The expanded display can provide a more detailed view for slight phase adjustments.


Starting with a spectrum which needs phasing, the first step is to define 2 regions which will be used for phasing.


Enter the Zoom routine and select a region toward the downfield (left) end of the spectrum.

Select by holding down the mouse button and dragging. Do not expand to these display limits.

Type 1 to assign this to be region 1.


Choose a second region near the other end of the spectrum, again by dragging while holding down the left mouse button.

Do not expand to these limits.

Type 2 to assign this to be region 2.


Enter the PE routine by typing PE or from the Process/Phasing menu. The pivot point is automatically set to the tallest peak in this region.  (This is the point at which the linear correction is zero.) 

Press and hold the left mouse button. Region 1 is displayed, and its phase adjusted by moving the mouse left and right while holding down the mouse button.  This applies a zero-order correction to the entire spectrum.


Once Region 1 is phased, release the left mouse button and press and hold the right mouse button. (Users with a single-button mouse should hold down the shift key then press the mouse button when right mouse button operations are called for.)

When the right mouse button is pressed, the display jumps to Region 2. Phase this region by holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse left and right.

You can go back and forth by alternating pressing left and right mouse buttons, until phasing looks correct for both regions.


Exit the phasing routine by typing <ENTER>.

The entire spectrum is displayed, with the phase correction.


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Last updated: 4/28/98.