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Page Setup

Page Setup


Page Setup

There are several options which can be set from the File/Page Setup menu. Some can also be set in the NUTS.INI file, so that they are established each time the program is run.

Square 2D plots — Check this box to force 2D plots to be square. Does not affect 1D plots.

Border box — Refers to a border drawn around the entire plot.

Parameters on page — 3 lines of acquisition and processing parameters printed below the spectrum.

Print in color — By default, Nuts converts all colors to black when printing. Check this box to print colors as shown on the screen. Note that colors of different objects can be set in the Nuts.ini file.

Monochrome display — Turns all colors on the screen to black. This is most useful when copying spectra for pasting into other applications, which will then be printed on a black-and-white printer. In that situation, some applications "dither" the colors, and they end up as dotted lines.  This can also be set with the BW command, and unset with CD.

Pen width on screen and on printer — These 2 parameters allow independent adjustment of thickness of lines on the screen and on plots. In some cases, such as making transparencies, the thin lines printed on high resolution printers do not show up well, which can be solved by drawing the lines thicker. Starting with version 971106, this can also be set in the nuts.ini file.

Axis tick density — Nuts makes its own decisions about the number of axis tick marks that will fit comfortably on a page. This allows the user to override the default settings, and draw more or fewer tick marks.

Margins — The margins on all 4 sides of a plot can be set independently in millimeters. Note that this is in addition to the default, which is very narrow margins.



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