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Notes subroutine

Notes subroutine


Notes subroutine (NO)

New command as of 1/16/98.

This allows the user to define multiple text boxes, which are "tied" to a point in the spectrum, but can be repostioned with the mouse. NO enters the routine (also from the Tools menu).

Click with the left mouse button or type A. This brings up the dialog box below, allowing the user to enter desired text.
Text can be multiple lines. Click on Choose Font to select font for this note only. The font does not change in this display, but will be correct on the screen.
Click OK to close this box.  The check box allows the note to be displayed vertically.
Additional notes are added in the same manner. An existing note can be edited by clicking on it with the right mouse button.
A chosen note can be moved by pressing and holding the left mouse button and dragging to a new position. The note box cannot be resized; its size is determined by its contents.
All notes can be cleared by typing C or from the Edit menu.
Typing P creates a special note box containing the acquisition parameters (equivalent to LP from the NUTS base level)
Notice how the text boxes are repositioned when Ctrl-F is typed. Each note is "attached" to a point in the spectrum, so moves when the displayed region is changed. This means it is possible to select a display region such that some notes are not displayed. This is different from the way other objects are positioned, such as the clipboard text display and objects created in MO. In those cases, the object is tied to a position on the screen, regardless of which part of the spectrum is displayed.

Text which has been copied to the clipboard can be pasted into a Notes box with Ctrl-V (Windows 95/NT) or Command-V (Mac).  (This does not work under Windows 3.11).

<Enter> exits the subroutine, leaving the notes displayed.
All notes can be toggled on/off from outside the NO routine using Ctrl-N.



A — Add new notes box
C — Clear all notes boxes
P — create new notes box containing acquisition Parameters
S — toggle on/off display of all notes boxes
Ctrl-V — Paste clipboard contents into an open text box  (Command-V on the Mac)
click right mouse button on a notes box to edit
<Enter> to exit the subroutine


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