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Using MO

Using MO


Using the MetaObjects (MO) subroutine

This subroutine is used for placing graphical objects on the screen, moving and resizing them. The graphical object can be imported from a file, pasted from the clipboard or can be an inset plot of the currently displayed spectral region.

There is also another subroutine for handling inset plots (IS, available from the Tools menu).

A different subroutine (ML) can be used to display a structure from a molfile.

https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/mo2.gif (9537 bytes)

Enter the MO subroutine by typing MO or from the Tools menu.

Instead of menus, the MO routine uses a Helper window. Commands can be entered by clicking on buttons in the Helper window or by typing the corresponding commands from the keyboard.  The Helper window can be moved on the screen by placing the cursor on the blue bar at the top and dragging.  Note that "Meta Objects" appears on the gray status bar at the bottom of the screen to indicate that this subroutine is currently active.


https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/mo3.gif (13397 bytes)

Choose I to import a graphical object (such as a chemical structure) from a file. The file must be a Windows Metafile (or a PICT file on the Mac).

Choose C to paste a graphical object which has been copied to the clipboard.

The object can be moved with the mouse by placing the mouse within the red rectangle, holding down the left mouse button and dragging.

The object can be resized by placing the mouse on one of the "handles" on the edge of the red rectangle, holding down the left mose button and dragging

Several objects can be placed on the screen at one time. Nuts keeps track of them by placing them in a Linked List in the order in which they were created. To select which object to adjust, move backwards and forward through the list with the N and R buttons or keyboard commands.

Any selected object can be deleted with the button or keyboard command.

Exit the MO routine by clicking on the Exit MO button or by typing <ENTER>. The object which was added remains on the screen.


Inset plots

https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/mo4.gif (12362 bytes)

Use Zoom to display the region desired for the inset.

Enter the MO routine and select the Add View button or type A.


  https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/mo2.gif (9537 bytes)

The displayed region is captured and displayed bounded by the red rectangle, and can be moved and resized as above.  The Helper Window includes a mutiplier for the font size of the axis labels.  This can be increased to make the labels larger, but must be set before the inset is captured.

Exit the MO routine.


https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/mo6.gif (14154 bytes)

The inset is displayed here after typing Ctrl-F to display the entire spectrum.

Text, such as peak labels or integral values, may appear too small in the inset. To compensate for the font size being scaled down, try increasing the font size before capturing the inset. This is done by choosing Set Fonts from the Edit menu.


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