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Longer commands

Longer commands


Longer commands

NUTS has an optional command mode in which commands can be more than just 2 letters long.  When in the "non-2-letter" command mode, a carriage return is required after any command is typed before it is executed.  This applies only to the base level commands, and not to commands within any of the subroutines.  The old, 2-letter command mode still works, and is turned on and off with 2N and 2F, respectively.  The default command mode can be specified in the nuts.ini file, with  the following lines:


When this flag is set to TRUE, the longer command mode is active, and all commands will require an <ENTER> before they execute.

The reasons for the change are shortage of "logical" 2-letter commands, and to provide additional flexibility (such as the ability to specify arguments on the command line).

In the new mode of operation, the commands can be up to 32 characters long and some commands can take arguments. The same two letter commands as before still work but they require an <ENTER> before they are executed. Commands selected from a menu automatically detect the mode of operation and supply the <ENTER> when necessary. Links and Macros will need modification to execute properly.  The simplest solution for existing macros is to add a 2N command at the beginning. To use the longer commands in a link or macro, a comma is used to tell Nuts to insert an <ENTER>.

All commands, whether long or short, are listed in the command list.

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Last updated:  2/11/04