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Getting Started

Getting Started


Getting started.

This section illustrates some of the basic operations in NUTS, including FT, automatic phasing, automatic integration and peak picking.

Choose Open from the File menu and select the file corresponding to the FID data.


Select Fourier Transform from the Process menu.


The simplest way to phase is using automatic phasing. Choose Quick Phase from the Process/Phasing menu.


The resulting phase is fairly good, and can be manually touched up using interactive phasing methods. See section on phasing.


Choose Automatic Integration from the Tools menu.


NUTS has automatically set the smallest integral to 1 and created separate integrals for peaks which are sufficiently separated.

Numerical values can be reset and additional integrals defined manually using the integration subroutine.

Display of integrals can be toggled on and off from the View menu selection Show Integrals.

(Note that if the smallest integral is negative, due to poor phasing, integral labels will not be displayed.)


https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/intro7.gif (7193 bytes)

Select Peak Pick from the Process menu. All peaks above the threshold are temporarily indicated with small vertical red lines, and peak labels are displayed at the top of the screen. See Peak Picking for details, including how to set the threshold and options for peak labels.

When PP is executed, a peak list is automatically placed into the Clipboard, from which it can be pasted into any text editor for printing. The list can also be placed on the screen by selecting Show Clipboard Text from the View menu.

Display of the peak labels can be toggled on and off with Ctrl-P.

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