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General topics are listed below, or search the Help files

NUTS Manual in .pdf format (3.6 Mbytes).  Contains complete description of all features

Revised PowerPoint presentation of basic 1D processing with NUTS

Recent additions to NUTS: (see What’s New page for summary of recent changes)

First-order kinetics data can be analyzed similarly to relaxation data

Output data from a data table in ACS journal format

Improved “buffers” routine for display of multiple spectra

Ability to draw lines on contour plots to aid in spectral interpretation

Many of these links are to pages providing step-by-step descriptions of NUTS operations, accompanied by screen captures to help illustrate how to use each feature.

Alphabetical Command Index

Introduction to NUTS

Basic 1D processing:


Advanced features:


3D, 4D and image display

Importing data

NUTS data file format

Configuration file – nuts.ini

NUTS FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Technical Support

Last updated: 1/27/08.