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Displaying MR Images

MR (or non-2-letter command MRI or IMAGE

An import filter for images supplied by Truman Brown was added to the import function of NUTS, and a new routine to display these images was added. 

The command has several optional arguments:

1. IMAGE (Actualsize or A) displays the image using the same number of pixels on the screen as the image has. Otherwise the image is scaled within NUTS.

2. IMAGE (NegativeImage or Negative or N) toggles the display of the negative of the image. Another argument is allowed which can be ON or OFF which allows setting this feature in an absolute manner.

3. IMAGE (SquareImage or Square or S) toggles the forcing of the image to be square; otherwise the image is scaled within NUTS. By default NUTS starts in the square image display mode.


Last updated: 6/1/03