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Reference Deconvolution

This is a technique for correcting distorted lineshapes without loss of signal-to-noise. To do this, we need to be able to characterize the nature of the distortion, which is done using a reference spectrum. See description of reference deconvolution for details and references.

Note that this feature is not included in NUTS Lite.


Start with a spectrum with poor lineshape.


Expand to display just the isolated singlet. Enter a value for LB, the estimated linewidth in the absence of distortion. LB used here is 1 Hz.

Typing CF (also available from the Tools/Convolution menu) performs three steps:

  • Creates a zero-frequency “reference” FID from the peak in the Zoom region
  • Creates a zero-frequency FID from an ideal Lorentzian line with linewidth equal to LB.
  • Creates a customized apodization function by dividing the ideal FID by the reference FID


The resulting function can be viewed with CV (or from the Tools/Convolution menu).



Read in the original FID again and apply the function with CA (or from the Tools/Convolution menu).

Compare the resulting lineshape with the first frame above.


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