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Using ID

Using ID



Before attempting integration, it is usually necessary to correct the baseline, so that the integral trace is flat. See baseline correction commands BC, BF and FB.

Other topics within Integration:

Changing the position of the integral labels
Baseline correction within the integration routine

Enter the Integration subroutine by typing ID or by selecting Integrate Display from the Process menu.

A continuous integral trace is displayed covering the entire spectrum. If the integral goes off scale, it will wrap around to the bottom of the screen, as seen here at for the most upfield peak.

The scroll bar on the left adjusts the vertical scale of the integral trace.

Defining subintegrals

Click the left mouse button once to display a vertical red cursor.

Place the cursor on one side of the chosen peak (either side is OK)

Click the left mouse button again to define one end of the subintegral (green)

Move the cursor to the other side of the peak and click the left mouse button again

Notice that the location of the cursors is displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with the value of the subintegral being defined.

As soon as the first subintegral has been defined, only subintegrals are displayed, not the full trace. (Display can be toggled between display of subintegrals and full trace by typing F, also available from the Edit menu.)

Additional subintegrals are defined in the same manner.

All subintegrals can be deleted using the C command. A selected integral can be deleted by placing the vertical red cursor on that integral and typing D.

To assign the value of a chosen subintegral

Click the left mouse button once to display the vertical red cursor

Place the cursor on the chosen subintegral and type V (Value) on the keyboard, which displays a box allowing a value for relative area to be entered.

Once a subintegral’s value has been assigned, all defined subintegrals are labeled with their relative areas. These labels can be removed by setting the Value of any subintegral to zero.

The displayed integral values remain unchanged, even if the vertical scale of the spectrum or of the integral trace is changed, until explicitly reset by the user.

Subintegrals remain defined when the integration subroutine is exited, and even when a new data set is opened.

As with all subroutines, typing <ENTER> exits the integration routine.

Display of the integral trace can be toggled on and off without entering the integration subroutine by selecting Show Integrals from the View menu, or by typing Ctrl-I.

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