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Repositioning integral labels

Repositioning integral labels


Positioning integral labels

https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/id_lbl1.gif (7261 bytes)

By default, numerical integral labels are placed just below the end of each integral trace.  The labels can be repositioned to avoid overlap. 


https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/id_lbl2.gif (8087 bytes)

Each label can independently be moved vertically a small amount.  To do this, select the chosen integral by clicking the mouse button once to display a vertical red cursor, and placing that cursor on the chosen integral.   There are 3 vertical positions available, which are set by typing the chosen number (1, 2 or 3).


https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/id_lbl3.gif (7263 bytes)

The above figure illustrates the 3 positions, 1,2 and 3, from left to right.  1 is just above the end of the integral trace.  2 (default) is just below the integral trace.  3 is slightly lower still. 


https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/id_lbl4.gif (7269 bytes)

The labels can also be placed below the spectrum or at the top of the screen.  The subcommand M toggles among the 2 positions (end of trace, top of screen, below spectrum).


https://www.acornnmr.com/content/uploads/id_lbl5.gif (7279 bytes)


Labels can also be displayed vertically, which can be useful in reducing overlap of labels.  Integration subcommand V displays labels vertically, and subcommand H displays the labels horizontally.  The default orientation can also be set in the nuts.ini file.

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