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Tecmag/Acorn NMR in Houston:  713-667-8747

Acorn NMR in Livermore:  510-918-5800

We are no longer accepting samples for analysis in Livermore.

Earlier this year, Acorn NMR was acquired by Tecmag, a company that has been manufacturing NMR hardware since 1983. Tecmag is based in Houston, TX, and the Acorn NMR lab is in the process of moving to Houston.

Acorn NMR scientists will continue to work with Tecmag to help get the lab up and running in the new location, and to provide technical assistance to our customers.Our JEOL 400 MHz spectrometer has already relocated, and is being installed at Tecmag. The Varian 500 MHz spectrometer is en route to Texas.

We do not yet have a date when the Houston location will begin analyzing customer samples. We had hoped to be up and running over the summer. One factor in the delay has been that we are a year into a very serious, world-wide helium shortage. It takes a huge amount of liquid helium to energize a superconducting magnet, and there has been a substantial delay in obtaining it.

Please check back for updates.The contact person at Tecmag for this is Denis Langlais (dlanglais@tecmag.com, 713-667-8747).

Please do not hesitate to contact Acorn NMR with any questions you might have regarding this transition. We are committed to making it as painless as possible.

Acorn NMR's Varian 500 Spectrometer

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