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Acorn NMR Inc.

Acorn NMR develops and markets NMR-related software for Windows and Macintosh, 
and operates an NMR spectroscopy service in Livermore, CA 
(in the San Francisco Bay area; see map).


Acorn NMR announces its "new" Varian Inova 500 NMR spectrometer!  See details.


NMR data processing software
Spectroscopy Service
Google Custom Search

MacNUTS for OS X

This is a new "port" to OSX, under development.  Enhanced features include:

 Overlay up to 4 contour plots

Improvements to Spin Simulation

Improved linefitting

Demo copies of the new "wxNUTS" for Mac or  Windows are available for download.  Demo copy of the original NUTS for Windows available on request 


PowerPoint presentation covering basic NMR processing with NUTS (5.3 Mbytes; 5/14/07)

Molecular Weight calculator for Windows and Mac OSX -- free download

General interest NMR topics, including shimming, probes, 2D experiments, baselines, filters, oversampling, copying spectra for pasting, and more.



Current Conditions for Livermore, CA


Acorn NMR Inc.
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